Martial Arts in Film, TV, and Stage.
Stage Combat Workshop

A one day stage combat class


(Sensei LucasdeMaqueda)

Willy Gilly Productions is pleased to announce that
Sensei LucasdeMaqueda
will be joining the
WOW Combat Team
Sandra LucasdeMaqueda has been practicing Nihon Goshen Aikido for 15 years. She trained directly under Sensei Robert B. MacEwen who studied directly under
Shihan Richard A. Bowe. Today, Sensei MacEwen is the 2nd highest ranking black belt in the world of Nihon Goshen Aikido and a member of the Martial Arts Hall of
Fame. Sandra received her black belt in 2009.

As an actress she is known as Sandra Lucas. Sandra is a busy theatre actress and she has worked in film and television. She is known for her role on "One Life to Live" as Mrs.Hughes and for her role in the film "Affluenza" as Pam Goodman. She has many television commercials to her credit.

Aikido means "Way of Life in Harmony with ki/spirit. The actor Steven Seagal is a top Aikido practitioner and he uses Aikido techniques in all of his action movies. In Aikido we utilize the attackers own energy to neutralize the attack. It is an art form as well as an extremely effective system of self defense.

Sensei LucasdeMaqueda will teach you some of Aikido's simple and effective techniques of chokes, bear hugs, grips, head locks, also blending out of the way of
punches and effective blocks and strikes. These techniques that you will learn will also translate well into action moves that will look good on stage, film and

Sensei LucasdeMaqueda will be using her son Lucas as an Uke (attacker) for her classes. Lucas has been practicing Aikido for 6 years and he has reached the rank of
purple belt. He is also on the swim team at his school.



$9.95 Per Person




Classes taught by the producers of the feature film


Tom Sizemore, Rebecca DeMornay, Richard Roundtree and David Wilson