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If you are REALLY serious about acquiring the tools and skills to build a successful career in Acting, Directing or Writing for Stage, Screen & TV,
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is pleased to announce that we are open for business. Located in Goshen, New York, our business is the training of professionals for the entertainment and media industry, (E&M). This encompasses every aspect of the crafts and business acumen required to be successful and build a career and a future in this huge and growing industry.

We are a 501c3 not for profit organization. We have expanded the scope of our educational programs (acting, voice, writing, producing, directing, choreography, movement, stage combat) as well as behind the scenes, technical training (lighting, sound, staging, set design, construction, costume, wardrobe, makeup, hair, etc.). In short we cover every aspect of production and stage management. All of our courses are administered by 'working professionals'. We are currently seeking tax-deductible contributions to support our many programs and a move into our new training facility.

All contributions are completely tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

For more information, please contact us directly at phone # 845-294-7500 and or fax 917-591-8010 or email us here.

The Academy of Film, Television, Stage and Performing Arts (AFTSPA) is a 'fully vested' not for-profit (501c3) corporation located in Goshen, NY. Our mission is to train and develop individuals as professionals for careers in, on and behind the scenes of film, TV, Stage and Performance Art. The entertainment and media (E&M) industry is now a $2 trillion (and still growing) business. It is the only industry in these United States that currently generates a significant balance of trade surplus. In fact, nearly 80% of ALL E&M commercially produced worldwide is 'Made in the USA.'
What's more, New York State has recently surpassed California in production of E&M product. Orange County, NY is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the opportunities that presents, once there are trained personnel available to hire. The best news in this labor intensive' manufacturing industry is that you cannot export the jobs!

AFTSPA is training local talent to full fill the growing demand for skilled workers in this industry for the imminent boom that is coming to the Hudson Valley. It is our belief in and overriding commitment, to work together to recreate the world through conscientious entertainment that makes everything work better for everyone.
Contact us at 845.294.7500 or go to to see how you can join us in this vision.


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